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sarah hughes

3 Simple Ways
I Can Help You To
Boost Your Business

#1 Leveraging LinkedIn to rapidly grow your business.

#2 Marketing & sales consultancy, implementation and training that decreases your spend and boosts results

#3 Mentoring that accelerates your profitable growth (enjoyably!).

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Who Sarah Helps

Hard-Working Business Owners who want to generate big sales.
Entrepreneurs who want to push their business forward fast!
Ambitious Directors who want to secure clients & income.

Problems Sarah Solves

Before working with Sarah, businesses said...
"I'm frustrated I don't know why our marketing's not working"
"I'm worried that my sales pipeline isn't full enough"
"I'm annoyed that I'm not generating the leads that competitors do!"


What Sarah Can Help You To Achieve

An Award-Winning Marketer and Government-Accredited Business Growth Expert, Sarah skilfully blends strategic insight with digital marketing knowledge and sales psychology to blast barriers to your business growth. Her focus is on enabling you to achieve your professional and personal goals and to rightly feel the warm glow of success, triumph and recognition.

Success with Sarah Hughes

Since working with Sarah, clients have reported...
✓ A live database of 465 prospects accessed within just 3 minutes
✓ Growing their day rate by 303% within just 3 months
✓ Falling back in love with their business!

On consultations, strategy days and phone calls I hear:
"We’ve tried advertising and PR, frustratingly, they’ve not delivered”
“How do we make price a factor, not the factor?”
"We get lots of meetings, but our conversion rate’s rubbish!”

The underlying question is always the same:
"Sarah, what sales and marketing actions do I need to take to achieve the success that I know my company is capable of?”

  • Jason Langford-Brown, Lucid

    “When Sarah puts together a plan and it is executed, it works! Sarah's approach is simple, personable and fun and she always has her client and the result at the forefront of her thinking.”
  • Peter Thomson, Peter Thomson International

    “Sarah is the real deal. She understands business, she walks the talk with marketing and knows how to link business strategy, marketing goals - and - LinkedIn knowledge and action. I use her expertise. You could too.”
  • Jude Ranasinghe, LG Futures

    “Thanks to Sarah, we’ve enjoyed a 79% uplift in sales to £430,000 of our most recent product, The Financial Intelligence Toolkit, with figures still rising.”
  • Danny Bermant, Brainstorm Digital

    “In just 12 weeks with Sarah, I've learned more than in my previous 13 years of business. Thanks to Sarah, I've been able to increase my day rate from £500 to £1,500.”
  • Melony Spencer, Spencer Swinden Design

    “Since working with Sarah, our turnover has increased by 403%. Our small company now works with brands including Punch and Enterprise Inns. Work with her if you get the chance!”

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