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Business Owner,
Could You Be 
Lacking Focus, Accountability, Momentum?
Get More Focus. More Sales. More Profit
(And Once Again Love Your Business!)
With Sarah Hughes
Being In Business 
Isn't For Wimps
Whilst it can offer huge rewards, being a business owner often means working the longest hours for initially the smallest reward and the greatest risk.

In smaller businesses it’s likely you’re also the lonely soul having to get the sales in, do the work and chase the bad payers. 

It takes motivation, dedication, commitment.

I know because I've founded several successful businesses.
Sarah Hughes, "The Business Growth Expert" and Founder of Boost Business Growth
Are You A Business Owner Experiencing 1 Or More Of These
 Worrying Situations?
"We’re only just surviving & don’t know where the next business is coming from. Lockdown's made it worse & I’m worried sick"
"I feel stuck. Directionless, purposeless and at a loss of how to deal with this"
"Help! I always seem to end up working in my business, rather than on it"
"It's great the business is growing, but I'm frustrated it’s not happening fast enough!"
"The business sucks all of my energy, time and passion. It feels never-ending"
"We need more profitable growth but just aren't confident of the quickest actions to achieve this"
"It's lonely at the top.
And having problem employees doesn't help"
Then read on to discover more about Winner's Edge and 
why it might be just what you need.
Maybe You Feel At A 
Or Perhaps You'd Just 
Welcome Fresh Impetus?
Developed and delivered by me, Sarah Hughes, Winner's Edge is
THE 1 to 1 mentoring programme. 

It's for business owners with a £1-3m turnover who want to create growth, achieve their original vision AND love running their business again.

Winner's Edge provides you with bespoke:
>> Strategic insight
>> Marketing, sales & growth advice
>> Marketing & sales training
>> Support
>> Accountability
>> Focus.
The 1 To 1 Bespoke Mentoring Programme
For Business Owners
Winner's Edge Provides 3 Elements Essential For Your Success
You enjoy a useful, attentive and experienced sounding board to review your actions and results and to provide the essential (yet often missing) support and encouragement business owners often lack.
You benefit from a wealth of guidance and detailed feedback on your activity, including marketing, sales, growth and leadership ideas to blast problems and leapfrog you to your next successes.
The all-important accountability!
We prioritise, plan & review actions.
This includes formalising targets, turnover & profitability, holding regular Promises Reviews, providing motivation & celebrating goals.
How Winner's Edge Works
Winner's Edge is all about focus and getting you what you want in your business - fast.

Here are just a few examples of the strategic insights you access with Winner's Edge, inc.:

This is fab, it's a 3-Year Visual Business Plan that fits on just 1-Page!

We produce it together and it means you have an easy glance image to remind you of your goals and targets.

Defining Your WHY
We work together to discover: Why you're in business and why you're better than your competitors.

Input into Your Marketing And Sales Activity
As an award-winning marketer and practioner of digital marketing methods and sales psychology, I can review and provide input into your strategic and tactical activity to ensure it converts for you.

Winner's Edge can include relevant, fun, purposeful training, delivered personally by me,  saving you a fortune on training.

Examples of the 100% 5*-rated practical training I offer, includes:

Referral Marketing
How clients can market for you!
The Profitability Matrix
4 strategies to +++ client spend
The Action Agenda
1 piece of paper that ensures your new biz meetings convert
The 6 Step Persuasion Process
(The 2nd step is v. important!)
Presenting For Impact
Do’s & don’t’s to persuasion
Pitch Perfect
How to pitch to win
Cold-Calling For a Win-Win Result
The proven methodology of calls that convert.

I developed Winner's Edge as a bespoke 1 to 1 mentoring programme because it's the most rapid (and fun!) way to achieve sustained results of which you can be proud.

How you use your time allocation with me each month is up to you.

As well as strategy, advice, and training, choose how you want me to support you, including:

Massive Success Meeting
A monthly meeting with me to overview critical success actions & issues (includes my popular ‘Post-It Problems’ & ‘Force Field’ to overcome any obstacle!).

Promises Review
Winner's Edge can include weekly calls or online meetings to ensure you achieve & keep on track.

Telephone/Video Meeting or Support 
To e.g. review material and progress, input into proposals.
Results Business Owners Like You
Have Achieved With Winner's Edge
Danny says:
"In just 12 weeks with Sarah, I've learned more than in my previous 13 years of business.
Thanks to Sarah's input and my thorough implementation, I've been able to increase my day rate to £1,500 from £500.
Sarah's support has been liberating, enabling me to fall in love again with running my own business, creating a much higher customer lifetime value and an even better client service."
Danny Bermant
Founder, Brainstorm Digital
Melony says:
"Since working with Sarah, our turnover has increased by 403%.
Our small (and perfectly formed!) company now works with brands including Punch and Enterprise Inns.
Work with Sarah if you get the chance!"
Melony Spencer
Managing Director of Spencer Swinden Design
Nick says:
"Very quickly with Sarah I've established ways to build multi-million pound revenue streams within just the next 18 months."
Nick Ellison
Founder and Owner of
Winner's Edge: 3 Options
How Serious Are You?
1:1 Strategy, Advice And Support With Me
2 Intensive Hours Every Month
Via Video Meeting/Secure Online Portal/Phone
1:1 Strategy, Advice And Support With Me
4 Intensive Hours Every Month
Via Video Meeting/Secure Online Portal/Phone

Option For Your 4 Hours To Be
Delivered Face-To-Face
Strategy Kick Start *
Bespoke Half-Day Session,
Month 1, worth £991
1:1 Strategy, Advice, Support and
Training With Me
6 Intensive Hours Every Month
Via Video Meeting/Secure Online Portal/Phone
Option For Your 6 Hours To Be
Delivered Face-To-Face
Strategy Kick Start *
Bespoke Half-Day Session,
Month 1, worth £991
Power Action *
Bespoke Half-Day Session with me, 
Month 6, worth £991
Training and Development
Option for training with me
(within your 6-hour monthly allocation)
Leadership & Communication
Online Assessment 
with the leading DISC System
About Your 
Sarah Hughes
An award-winning marketer, I'm an experienced strategist with a track record in helping UK businesses achieve success.

My clients are owner managers who like my passion and straight-talking focus on securing results rapidly.

A featured writer for business and entrepreneurial titles, I'm asked to speak on marketing, lead generation and sales.

A successful multiple business owner, I'm unlike many mentors and coaches in that I know just how tough business can be!

I'm an accredited business coach with the Dept of Business Innovation & Skills.

Importantly, I practice what I preach, having a business mentor myself, to which I attribute a large part of my success.
Ask Yourself, 
Which Is More Expensive...
... The price of mentoring or the cost of lost opportunity and NOT achieving your potential and the rewards this could so easily bring?

RELAX With A Zero-Risk Investment
I'm so confident in the benefit that you get with Winner’s Edge, that try it for one month and if you feel it’s not right for you, you pay absolutely nothing.

WARNING: Don’t Risk Having To Wait
To provide you with the ‘brain bandwidth’ you’re seeking, I only ever take on a maximum of 6 individual mentoring clients.

With limited places available, click the button below to ensure you don’t miss out.
Who is Winner's Edge RIGHT for?
It's right for business owners who:
  •  Want practical, proven strategies
  •  Crave a trusted advisor by your side 
  •  Love to feel you’re achieving everyday 
  •  Want to know your destination  (and get there quickly!) 
  •  Invest in expert insight and advice 
  • Want to take action to achieve results
  •  Are determined to enjoy success.
Winner's Edge sounds great. 
How much is it & can I afford it?
Winner's Edge is only suitable for owners with at least a £1m turnover who are serious about their business success.

The 1 to 1 bespoke nature of the mentoring programme and restricted number of mentees means this is an elite programme and the pricing reflects this.

Only ambitious directors who can afford to invest a minimum £4k+vat within the next 6 months should apply.
Who is Winner's Edge RIGHT for?
It's definitely NOT for business owners who:
  • Are start ups
  • Have less than a £1m turnover
  • Already have 1-page plan & 100% focus
  • Are totally in control of your time
  • Never feel stuck, lonely or isolated 
  • Are happy to permanently sacrifice personal relationships to your business.
I'm in business with my partner - could we both join?
Yes, certainly, in fact I already have two couples as members of Winner's Edge!

Depending upon how you'd like your mentoring programme to be run, you may qualify for a massive 50% -75% discount on the second membership.

Speak to me, Sarah, on 07712 784 859, about this, or go to the 'enquire now' button above to request a consultation.
I'm interested in finding out more. 
What next?
Excellent news!
Meet the initial criteria (e.g. £1m min T/O)? Then book a free 30-minute consult with me via the 'Enquire Now' button above.

The consultation is for us to each decide if the mutual benefit and chemistry required for us to successfully work together is there.

If it's not, at the very least the no obligation 30-minute consult will provide you with at least 3 valuable insights into your business.
I may not have the cash flow right now, but don't want to have to wait. Any ideas?
It's great that you see the value of Winner's Edge.

If you meet the criteria and are serious about growth, it's worth us having a chat: there may be other ways to finance the investment.

Click the 'Enquire Now' button above to book your free 30-min consultation with me.
You've Only The One Life. You Surely Owe It To Yourself To...
Spaces are limited.
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There's no better time to up 
your game >>>
With Winner's Edge, there's no 'off the peg.'  
In fact it's like no other mentoring or coaching programme.
Here are the 3 ways Winner's Edge is different: 
1. It's personal to you, being entirely bespoke 
2. It's purposeful, focussed upon outcomes 
3. It's filled with my passion to help you achieve your goals. 
How Soon Do You Want To Be Strong, Free, Successful?
Achievers Take Action!
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