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Within Just 60 Minutes, Unlock The Power Of LinkedIn To Grow Your Business
Zero-Risk Money-Back Guarantee
Sarah Hughes
"The LinkedIn Lead Generation and Business Growth Expert"

"I'm so confident in the difference I make that if I don't deliver  insight that more than pays for the 60-minute session, you get your money back. 
No quibble."
Market to other businesses and LinkedIn delivering less than 25% of your leads?

Then it's time for your Power Hour!

An intensive 1:1 60-minute online session with me, Sarah Hughes, your Power Hour gives you the simplest, fastest, most affordable inside track on LinkedIn.

Utilising online meeting technology, which means that you can see me and I can see you, we can also share screens.

This means that we can take action within your LinkedIn account that delivers you instant results.

When you buy your Power Hour, you can relax in the knowledge you're accessing expert insight tailored to your goals.

Answers your Power Hour provides
  •  “What can I do with my personal profile to encourage prospects to find and contact me?"
  •  “I’ve got hundreds of connections, but few buy from me. How can I leverage my network?”   
  • "I don't know where to start with LinkedIn, what should be my
    first actions?"
  • "How should my company use LinkedIn to bring business in?"
  •  “Without being pushy or salesy, how can I move the relationship on when a prospect has connected?” 
Instant results

Use your Power Hour to achieve instant results, including:

  •  Optimise your LinkedIn profile there and then to attract prospects (this is what many use their Power Hour for)
  • Determine your strategy for leveraging LinkedIn
  •  Find your hottest prospects
  •  Know what to say after you’ve connected with a hot prospect
  •  Understand if you need a free or premium LinkedIn account
  •  Discover LinkedIn Groups Do’s and Don’ts. 
Simon Kirton,
MD, Emission Zero
“Within 2 hours, I secured an international meeting with a major prospect and introducer” 
Power Hour IS Right For You If You:

  • Market to other businesses, rather than solely or mainly consumers
  • Are responsible for sales, marketing or communications
  • Wisely want to generate the quickest results in the shortest time
  • Know (or want to know) the value of LinkedIn to your role or business
Power Hour ISN’T Right For You If You:
  • Are happy to flounder through the maze that is LinkedIn, burning time and money along the way
  • Accept you’ll make mistakes along the way learning LinkedIn yourself
  • Aren’t bothered about generating instant results
  • Would rather trust an amateur than an expert
Time-Limited Offer
Only £150 exc VAT
9 Reasons Switched on Professionals and Business Owners Invest In LinkedIn (And Why You Might Want To)
  •   650 million professionals directly reachable via LinkedIn, with  2 new users per second
  •   25+ million UK members
  •  200+ countries and territories are reached via LinkedIn
  •  Target prospects within 10 miles of your doorstep
  •  62% of marketers consider LinkedIn a successful revenue driver
  •  More business decision makers on LinkedIn than twitter and Facebook
  •  40% of LinkedIn users check their account daily  

  •  42% of users update their LinkedIn profile regularly
  •  130,000 articles generated weekly on LinkedIn.
I totally believe in the value I add, so if you don’t find your Power Hour insightful and impactful,
you get a 100% refund.
No quibble, no questions, no hard feelings.
What others have achieved with Sarah
“Sarah's recommendations were insightful, clearly based on evidence, and highly practical. Thanks to Sarah, we've been able to respond quickly and make a difference.” 
Joanna Morrison
Leicestershire County Council
“Sarah's support in using LinkedIn has been invaluable. Her level of knowledge and ability to convey that to me, the quintessential non-techy person, plus her quality of customer service are second to none.”
Dale Stafford
Principal, The Principle Department 
“Sarah is the real deal. She understands business, she walks the talk with marketing and knows how to link business strategy, marketing goals and LinkedIn.
I use her, you should too.” 
Peter Thomson
Founder, Peter Thomson International
“Wow! It works! I am already building connections and (more importantly) getting leads with great companies.”
Steve Carter
“You have a great approach and system of clarity that WORKS, many thanks, Sarah.” 
James Doyle
Founder, JAMSO 
“Sarah converted me from being a LinkedIn sceptic to a committed user all within an afternoon. I have already received my first enquiry ” 
Angie Francksen
“The number of potential customers finding me has increased by 333%”  
Chris Wisdom
Founder, Leading Wisdom
“Without Sarah’s help, LinkedIn would have stayed an untapped resource and a wasted growth opportunity.” 
Mark Green
Owner, Fruition Design